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Airborne International Air Cargo Services

For close to two decades Airborne International Courier Services is firmly committed to meeting the critical needs and safely delivering all your , including dangerous and hazardous goods all over the world. Direct or consolidated air cargo, small packages or oversized cargo and everything in between we can handle your air-cargo needs. Our experienced specialists and other professionals help you with every aspect of the air-cargo process- from documentation, certification, freight bookings for import and exports to cargo acceptance through to packaging, loss prevention to current Dangerous Goods Regulations customs clearance etc. We offer you safe transportation of your air-cargo including hazardous and dangerous goods consignment in full compliance with the IATA rules. We offer a range of services from Consultancy, Packaging and Global Transportation. We have our own, in-house packing premises with fully trained staff including Dangerous Goods Certified Staff to provide you with all kinds of services related to the Packaging and Transportation of your air-cargo.

We have various types of packaging like inner pack, outer pack, combination pack, single packing as per international standards with UN Certification. With us you get seamless end-to-end logistics, frequent departures on all major routes, full transparency, best air-cargo solutions in the shortest possible time, faster approvals, exceptional customer service with unrivalled cargo care and cargo management services as well as timely delivery. Regardless of your industry, commodity or key markets, we offer both small and big businesses solutions. We specialize in the carriage of all types of air-cargo including dangerous and hazardous goods like Explosives, Aerosols & Liquefied gases, Paints, Inks & other Flammable Liquids, Flammable Solids, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Fine chemicals, Petroleum products, Batteries, Radioactive Materials, Infectious substances, Biologicals, Dry-ice & Corrosive materials . We offer our reliable air-cargo services at very affordable and budget-friendly costs.

Airborne International Courier Services
Airborne International Courier Services

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