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Airborne International Dangerous Goods Courier Service

Airborne International Courier Services is an International Courier Service offering global logistical solutions in the transportation of dangerous goods & hazardous materials all across the globe. We focus on all the 9 classes of dangerous goods and provide complete dangerous and hazardous goods logistics services. We provide the highest caliber of customer service in the dangerous goods logistics sector. Our extensive operational capabilities meet the demands of our clients. Our wide range of services include dangerous goods transportation by Air, packaging, packing, storage / warehousing, documentation and consultancy. We are expert in handling all dangerous goods namely gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, explosives, toxic and infectious substances, corrosives, oxidizing substances and other miscellaneous dangerous goods. Accordingly we transport a wide variety of dangerous goods like oil, gas, petro-products, acids, chemicals, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, fireworks.

Transporting dangerous goods is a complex procedure and requires detailed understanding and knowledge of the relevant regulations. We make all dangerous goods shipments undergo stringent Dangerous Goods Checking System to ensure that all shipment comply to the required regulations. We transport time-critical shipments of small and large sizes, safely in the fastest possible transit time. We are renowned to make door-to-door international and domestic deliveries of such dangerous goods securely, on time, every time. We also help in the preparation of dangerous goods documentations, packaging services that offer a wide range of packaging solutions as per UN and IATA Approved Dangerous Goods Packaging guidelines. We also provide Consultancy Services to clients with 24 hours emergency telephone helpline should clients need any assistance with shipments. While our Safety Advisors advice clients with regards to the transportation of dangerous goods.

Airborne International Courier Services
Airborne International Courier Services

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